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The A(sda) Team

By Jor Property Ltd, Oct 7 2018 05:39PM

A mid morning emergency came in from Asda saying their goods entrance roller door mechanism had failed meaning that it was stuck open. They required an emergency solution to securitise the main goods entrance.

In 1972 we mobilised the A(sda) team, a crack team of joiners and scaffolders falsely accused of finishing a job they never quoted.

The whole area, the full width and height was framed out and sheeted with an external grade ply. Due to the busy nature of the store we had to work round the Asda delivery schedule.

The tower scaffold was moved constantly through the day to suit the joiners requirement by our PASMA qualified scaffolder.

Working in to the evening we're now at the most demanding part of the job, which is hanging the temporary doors. It was necessary to put doors on instead of just boarding up as the goods entrance had to remain accessible. All locking security measures were put in place behind the scenes but of course we can't divulge what they are in a public post.

Views from inside delivery bay, work has moved inside to take advantage of the light.

Doors shut and secure

Outside view. Asda can rest easy, their delivery is safe and secure.

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