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By Jor Property Ltd, Oct 7 2018 05:39PM

A mid morning emergency came in from Asda saying their goods entrance roller door mechanism had failed meaning that it was stuck open. They required an emergency solution to securitise the main goods entrance.

By Jor Property Ltd, Aug 26 2018 06:07PM

The client requested a complete property decoration overhaul. We had a mammoth task ahead of us, having to strip out some 60’s/70’s decor and wallpaper. We set about the decorating task with a mind boggling 250 hours estimated ahead of us. The plumbing, electrical and joinery trades had already begun through clients own contractors and we were happy to dovetail in with them towards the end of the job. As we got deep into the job the 250 hours soon became 350 but as per JOR’s price promise to the client we didn’t charge for the extra hours.


Showcasing the original fireplace that was to be retained.

By Jor Property Ltd, Aug 11 2018 06:35PM

JOR were called out to picturesque Gordon’s Mills overlooking the Bridge of Don. Liaising with the property owner above and the insurance company we programmed the necessary re-decorating work required to bring this property back into tip top condition.

By Jor Property Ltd, Jul 27 2018 04:44PM

Clarksons Platou’s Aberdeen office Manager got in touch to ask us to review their reception area in their Shiprow office with a view to making it more up to date and brighter. With Clarksons Platou being a FTSE 250 company they wanted a reception area to reflect that status.

The brief was to make the area lighter alongside reflecting what the business actually entailed. Their head office in London has vessels presented in glass display boxes and this approach was adapted to suit the area that they were to be displayed in. During the design development with the client the idea of utilising suspended vessels in glass boxes was incorporated into the reception dividing walls.

Thanks to: Clarksons Platou, Westend Glass & Glazing, BSP Timber, Duotool

By Jor Property Ltd, Jun 11 2018 10:20PM

As the weather improves it’s time to think about those changes you’ve always fancied to your home. To help plant the seed as to what kind of improvements you could do we’re looking at case study of a job we completed last summer. It was a full transformation including a rear extension, dormers, Velux installation and internal reconfiguration.

Before we have a look at the completed state here's what it looked like before...

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